Mel Knight

ABOUT Mel Knight and Knight Home Inspections, LLC

• Licensed Home Inspaector

• Architect – Mel has been a licensed architect since 1992 and has provided project management for millions of square feet for commercial upfits, renovations, additions & alterations

• Real Estate Broker – Mel has been a licensed real estate broker since 1991. By having a comprehensive understanding of the home buying/selling process, Mel knows the questions to ask to help his clients navigate home buying/selling waters.

NC License # 3775

Mel Knight is the owner and home inspector of Knight Home Inspections, LLC. Mel believes that in order for a prospective buyer to make a truly informed decision about a home, they first need a thorough and accurate analysis of the property. From the moment he first arrives for an inspection, Mel meticulously investigates the home for any signs of wear, tear, or major defects. Every home undergoes a great deal of stress, and each one responds differently. Mel strives to teach you everything that he can about a property so that you can be fully prepared to make a sound decision about a purchase.